Madden Ultimate Team Glitching – How Do You Feel About It?

How Do You Feel About Glitching:

Over the past few weeks MUTHEAD has been running an Ultimate Team tournament for each console with the winners being awarded an all expense paid trips to EA. The added benefit to this prize is an opportunity to participate in EA’s MUT 15 Sneak Peek event with Cam Newton and a chance at additional prizes.

You’ve often heard the saying “No Good Deed Goes Unpunished” well that seems to be true when referring to this tournament. During the playoff rounds of the MUTHEAD tournament there seemed to be a “Glitch to Win” mindset amongst the players. Players were seen via livestream broadcast, being allowed to Block Field Goals, call Punt Block only to audible down to a base defense that would give extra block shedding ability to the defense and thus creating an unfair advantage.

The issue here is not the tournament. The issue is, the “Glitch to Win” mindset that seems to have taken over Madden online gameplay. The question that we ask today is “How do you feel about Glitching”?

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