MUT Salary Cap: I Love MUT Salary Cap What About You?

MUT Salary Cap

I Love MUT Salary Cap What About You?

MUT or Madden Ultimate Team as the community knows it has created a mode that we believe will sustain the mode going forward. That’s right, the MUT Salary Cap mode can be a staple in MUT 17 and beyond.

Take a look at the MUT Salary Cap video, “I Love MUT Salary Cap What About You?”

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Here are a few that we have identified to get the conversation started.

MUT Salary Cap Pros:

  • Levels the playing field for all Madden Ultimate Team players
  • Cards keep their value because of the need to fit into the MUT Salary Cap
  • Opens the mode to regular mode, and CFM Madden players because of flexibility
  • Mode can be sustained through each version of Madden, e.g. MUT 17

MUT Salary Cap Cons:

  • EA must prevent card sharing. The MUT card should be in the binder while the roster is locked
  • Allow more scheme versatility, not just 7 on 7 ball.
  • Good O-Line should beat small D-Line and vice versa.

These are just a few points to start the conversation. Please make sure to add to the conversation.

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